fm power amplifier 88-108MHz input 10mW output 7--8W This is the amplifier for the fm transmitter power amplifier Aslong as the input power of 10MW can be out

Posted at 2011-9-16 by Sky

12V 2A Power Supply for 0.5W CZH-05B and 1W SDA-01A and 1W ST-1A fm Transmitters

Posted at 2012-2-4 by Sky

80W 2U FSN-801 Professional fm Broadcast Radio Transmitter 87.5-108 MHz Free shipping The is an ultra compact size 87.5-108 MHz 80W fm Transmitter, high eff

Posted at 2012-3-13 by Sky

Wholesale 10pcs 150mW FSN-302 V2.0 mini portable pocket fm broadcast stereo transmitter with rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for coverage 300 meters

Posted at 2011-8-4 by Sky

helical antenna Interface: BNC bandwidth: 5M Material: Rubber Frequency: 98M it is used in the shop with the the0.5W-1.5W tran

Posted at 2010-3-10 by Admin

Specifications: Frequency Range: 87MHz~108MHz Package Include: 1 fm transmitter pcb If you have any question ,Please feel free to t

Posted at 2010-3-10 by Admin

It can cover 5 to 10KM radius in ideal environment . It include: one 80W fm transmitter, one antenna, one 20M coaxial cable, one mixer,two microphones, two BOP

Posted at 2014-4-23 by Sky

fmUSER 5.8G Digital HD Video STL DSTL-10-1 AV HDMI Overview The fmUSER 5.8GHz link series is a complete digital STL system (Studio to Transmitter Link) for t

Posted at 2016-7-2 by Sky

The distance of the transmitter broadcast depens on many factors . The main factor is the environment. Here is the example of our Customer from Canada use our

Posted at 2010-5-3 by Sky

fmUSER H.264 High Definition HD IPTV Streaming Encoder -FBE200-H.264-LAN Overview In a fast changing and highly competitive TV market, operators and TV servi

Posted at 2017-1-1 by Sky
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