Jc(121.54.32.*) Post:2014-04-11 17:54:46
sir im interested to buy your pll i.c, im from philippines. how much sir? can i pay you sir using western union money transfer?
Reply to:YES, you can buy our PLL IC and you can pay to us with western union , send email to sky@fmuser.org , we talk details
S.Ravi kum(49.200.139.*) Post:2013-06-28 03:59:05
Sir this 5w fm transmitter indian mani price
Reply to:yes, we have it , the price is 55USD including shipping, visit bleow link to payhttp://www.fmuser.com/pcb/5W-PLL-Digital-LCD-Stereo-FM-Transmitter-PCB-Kit-Suite-power-frequency-volume-adjustable.html
shammi(117.199.126.*) Post:2013-01-26 09:19:25
hi i want 5w fm trans in india so tell me price in indian currency and how i pay to you and get it
Reply to:The price is 120USD including shipping cost.You can pay to us with PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union or Bank Transfer ?
S.Ravi kum(14.194.95.*) Post:2012-12-07 07:21:47
Sir 5w fm india tamil nadu perice and km rang send my email id sravikmr123@gmail.com
Reply to:it can cover about 2km
gilax(206.253.164.*) Post:2012-12-01 23:38:57
Hi Sir Can you ship here in the philippines?is it ok to send our payment via moneygram?
Reply to:YES, you can send the payment to us with money gram to beow informationFirst name: QuanLast name : LiCountry: ChinaCity: Guangzhou
dexta(89.186.181.*) Post:2012-11-25 12:37:23
pleese send me schematic.dexta.poul1@gmail.com
Reply to:ok, thank you
Guest(124.43.50.*) Post:2012-06-03 10:23:15
Can you please let me know whether I could modify this to other VHF frequencies. Thank you,Ranjit
Reply to:sorry, can not , it is FM frequency
yellowbear(89.100.214.*) Post:2012-03-27 20:49:39
This is the second time I bought it
Reply to:thank you so much
ubaid(119.154.216.*) Post:2012-02-15 11:16:42
Can I pay with credit card ?
Reply to:YES, you can , just click the Yellow PayPal buttom in our website, and you can pay with your credit card.
Disco1969(81.105.34.*) Post:2012-01-24 16:38:16
Can you please send me picture of diagram as enlarge link does not work,thanks in advance...
Reply to:I am sorry that we do not have diagram
raj kapoor(110.227.112.*) Post:2011-12-30 03:01:59
I want to buy a 5 watt fm transmiter board
Reply to:We do not sell 5W FM transmitter board, but we sell 5W fm transmitter, please visit below link of our 5W FM transmitter. www.fmuser.org/low-power-fm-transmitter/5W-V10-FM-stereo-PLL-transmitter.html
ex4(114.79.51.*) Post:2011-12-28 21:37:51
nice and simple, but could you send bigger schematic to my email? the schematic is small, i cant get it to big :(thank you
Reply to:sorry that this is the only pictures we have. We do not have bigger picture
sofyan(192.168.1.*) Post:2011-11-30 01:55:06
Hi Can you send me the schematics to complete, because the picture can not be enlarged. send to my email address to: rs347@yahoo.co.id. Thank you.
Reply to:Sorry, not have bigger picture, this the biggest one
paijozz(110.138.215.*) Post:2011-11-06 16:43:18
i can't enlarge the pics, please can you send me: murtono_amir@yahoo.co.id circuits and hex code? thanks..
Reply to:sorry, we do not have a larger picture
Dany(93.143.241.*) Post:2011-10-23 15:40:04
Please can you send to me the circuit and PCB schematic to Magnum0385@gmail.com.
Reply to:thank you , ok
edgar(190.253.242.*) Post:2011-10-08 09:22:45
Reply to:I am sorry, we not have
maged(95.140.97.*) Post:2011-08-23 16:51:35
Please can you send to me the picture of the circuit diagram because I was not able to enlarge it . Please send it to me to :magedseham@windowslive.comthanks for you in advance
Reply to:ok, no problem
bnhbvjghj(85.107.222.*) Post:2011-06-14 10:23:40
The delivery time is a little long
Reply to:Sorry, hope next time will be quickly
Guest(190.235.63.*) Post:2011-03-27 08:38:32
Reply to:ok
manolo(190.40.231.*) Post:2011-01-08 21:47:33
I bought a fm transmitter from this website, you will never experience that goes so far
Reply to:thank you
Anderson (187.62.24.*) Post:2010-08-10 15:28:51
quanto custa para enviar 10 equipamentos desse para londrina de 1w de potencia
Reply to:do you need our 1W FM transmitter ?
wasantha(202.129.234.*) Post:2010-08-08 07:10:08
can I buy a DIY 5W FM transmitter ?
Reply to:yes, you can , in our website have
minchit19(203.81.166.*) Post:2010-07-15 12:12:50
I love you
Reply to:thank you
victor(186.48.106.*) Post:2010-05-08 05:00:20
can I buy it ?
Reply to:yes, we have DIY 5W FM transmitter kit
nel(124.105.85.*) Post:2009-11-11 02:02:05
sir ,i have to order 5 watts pll fm transmitter kit only,pls. help me what shall i do first.this is my email:rhythmradiogoa@yahoo.com
Reply to:thanks, I send to your email for the details. If you have paypal or credit card, you can buy in our website directly. adn we can send to you immediatly
valdeimr(200.171.225.*) Post:2009-10-15 16:36:25
quanto custa transmissor de 15 w
Reply to:yes, we have 15w fm transmitter, do you need antenna and power supply for it ?
valdeimr(200.171.225.*) Post:2009-10-15 16:35:51
quanto custa transmissor de 15w
Reply to:yes, we have 15w fm transmitter, do you need antenna and power supply for it ?
kh(188.161.163.*) Post:2009-06-30 09:49:11
thank you for these circuit but the pcb isnot work and can you send the program of pic thank u
Reply to:this is the only pictures we have now
anil(59.99.45.*) Post:2009-06-26 02:38:07
Dear sir, i purches 5 watt rf fm amplifier
Reply to:ok, thank you
anil(59.99.45.*) Post:2009-06-26 02:36:56
Dear Sir, I Have Purches 5 watt fm rf amplifier. In INDIA Please Help Me My mobile no.9226223660.
Reply to:yes, I know , thank you , you will receive the product soon
foster(61.140.164.*) Post:2008-11-30 00:33:48
great ,thank you.
Reply to:thanks

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