an FM modulator that modulate a carrier frequency with the composite signal, and an RF amplifier that provide enough power to be transmitted through antenna. Here is the schematic diagram of theFM transmitter circuit:

stereo fm transmitter ba1404 circuit schematic


The core of this stereo FM transmitter is BA1404 integrated circuit chip. from ROHM. This FM transmitter is ideal for wireless microphone, or for audio interface and distribution for home or car appliance. For example, you can now play your portable mp3/mp4 player on your old car radio sound system that doesn’t have line-input plug. This stereoFM transmitter chip is designed for 75-108 FM band, and you can adjust the operation by trimming the LC network connected to pin 10 of this IC chip. To ease the adjustment, you can use a 22-33p variable capacitor for the 15p capacitor connected to pin 10.  Finally, this stereoFM transmitter works with only 1.5-3V power supply, ideal for battery operation.  More than 3.5V supply voltage could burn this FM transmitter circuit. [Circuit's schematic diagram source: ROHM Application Notes]