Why FM Modulator Not FM Transmitter

You might be thinking what’s the difference? How do they work with my ipod? Which is the best? Well the answer is quite simple.

The FM Modulator and FM Transmitter both reproduce an input signal that can be turned into a playable audio signal that your stereo can decode. However this is done in differing ways.

The FM Transmitter decodes the data and transmits through the air in different radio frequencies. This is then picked up by your stereo (aerial) and played in the same way as you would listen to the radio. However this method can cause several major problems, as the transmission can be heard by anybody listening to that specific frequency.  Which in its self is a major problem unless you are broadcasting personal information?

The problem occurs as this can be considered illegal broadcasting via pirate radio. Basically taking over the airwaves with an unauthorised signal, & potentially overhauling a legitimate broadcast on their frequency range. Which in turn leads us to the other problem with this system, If the frequency that you are trying to replace is VERY strong it will replace your transmission. Sometimes playing both signals, other times playing interference over the audio.

The FM Modulator works in a very similar way to the FM Transmitter, however it has one difference. The FM Modulator does not transmit any signal. The Modulator is hardwired to the back of the stereo via the Aerial socket, so rather than broadcasting the signal it’s sent down the wire. The interference is minimal and the sound quality is much greater (pretty much CD Quality). The only disadvantage of this system is that the unit has to be installed to the stereo.

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